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Technology Intelligence

Technology intelligence delivers information, insight, and foresight about the competitive environment to drive decisions that can create competitive advantages for your organization.

Nearly all decisions about entering a market, developing a product, and taking offensive or defensive competitive actions should include technology intelligence. This course will:

  • Provide a framework for technology intelligence-roles, necessary skills and resources, structure, and benefits-and how to implement and best utilize intelligence for better decisions
  • Show how to uncover information from data
  • Demonstrate how to create intelligence from information
  • Reveal how to get decisions made that "stick" and are implemented
  • Illustrate functional skills for the intelligence professional
  • Explain numerous analytical techniques


  • Confident, evidence-based decisions that get implemented
  • More effective strategies and positioning
  • Improved early warning of threats and opportunities, avoiding surprises
  • Reduced risks
  • New options for technologies, products, markets, and actions
  • More effective use of time and money
  • Practitioner ability in some analytical techniques, plus enough knowledge of others to understand the benefits and disadvantages of each and when and how they should be applied
  • Ability to judge intelligence that is received


  • What is Technology Intelligence?
  • How to Uncover Information from Data
  • How to Create Intelligence from Information
  • Advanced Intelligence Organizations

Who should attend

This course will provide valuable information for executives who want to improve their organization's decision-making through technology intelligence, managers who want to start or improve their technology intelligence, and practitioners who want to improve their knowledge of intelligence techniques and resources for better effectiveness and efficiency.

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