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Bring a customized certificate program or individual courses to your company location to develop your next generation leaders.

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Technology Marketing Certificate Program and Customized Courses

Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education certificate program and customized courses provide practical marketing tools and techniques to help commercialize products and services to drive business growth. Participants learn proven approaches from industry experts for quickly creating and implementing robust strategies. They will also receive valuable feedback from our instructors on their specific business issues. As a result, participants will be able to generate increased revenue and profits for your company’s products and services.

Caltech instructors are subject matter experts chosen for their extensive strategic marketing experience with technology companies. They provide practical examples and lessons learned to create an exceptional learning environment for performance-driven professionals. In-class exercises reinforce key concepts and enable participants to apply the material to challenges in their current environment.

Based upon the courses selected, participants will develop the critical thinking and skills to:

  • Evaluate potential markets/sectors, and prioritize resources
  • Understand market trends and assess the opportunities and threats
  • Develop an effective marketing plan with clear go-to-market actions
  • Establish innovative branding for products, platforms, or business categories that sustains value for the future
  • Identify customer segmentation to help uncover untapped market opportunities
  • Create compelling positioning and full-solution value propositions that address customer needs and differentiates products/services better than competitive alternatives
  • Leverage social media to engage customer and build the brand
  • Create value-based pricing strategies to increase business profits
  • Successfully launch new products and services in new or existing markets

Choose from a variety of marketing short courses or create your company-specific certificate programs to develop your company’s next generation leaders to address your specific business challenges. All courses and programs will be customized to address your specific business challenges and offered at the global location you choose.