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Accelerating Lean Product Development

Innovation leaders find themselves faced with more complex development challenges, increased competition and shorter deadlines. Accelerating Lean Product Development provides a custom blueprint for revolutionizing product development in your firm that speeds the right product to market. Built on over twenty years of experience with companies ranging in size from start-ups to global Fortune 100 companies, we identify the changes required and how to make them.

Ideally attended by a cross functional team including marketing, engineering and operations, this two day workshop uses a systemic approach that drives speed across all innovation stakeholders. Using proven tools, we begin with ideation and finish at end-of-life. Throughout, we will highlight the crucial implementation issues and supply solutions to address them.


  • Provide a framework and language for communicating and engaging the firm in the challenges of lean product development.
  • Illustrate how to define and drive a "minimum viable product" discipline across the firm that delights customer while minimizing wasteful cost and needless feature development.
  • Using lean systems process analysis, provide a repeatable diagnostic that ferrets out non-value added work and time traps.
  • Underscore the primacy of effective and efficient portfolio management in addressing multiple product and customer requirements, handling interruptions and enhancing re-use before development begins.


  • Next Generation Product Development: How globalization and technology change flow through the "product development funnel"
  • Planning and Pivoting: Driving speed and profitability through effective experimentation backed by portfolio metrics and risk management decisions that facilitates smart adaption to change
  • Strategic and Organization Alignment: Streamlining governance, decision making and resource supply/demand management for agile speed
  • Customer-engaged Process: How to use experimentation and prototypes to engage customers and where to stay clear
  • The Human Side of Speed: How to design, motivate and drive learning amongst cross-functional teams
  • Leadership: Deciding when and where to sprint, set tempo or pause to sustain a higher average speed

Who should attend

Best results occur when a team representing marketing, engineering, and manufacturing attends. The course is well-suited for technology leaders, group managers, product managers, and anyone who has a leadership role in bringing new products to market.

Available at your location

Contact us now to set up this customized course to be delivered at your corporate location. Our subject matter expert will work with your company to customize a course or program to meet your specific needs.


Christopher Meyer, PhD