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Influencing Without Alienating

Professional success depends upon the ability to influence people at all levels of the organization. This course enables participants to increase personal competence in the areas of communication, influence, and problem solving. The focus of this course is on real-life problems and challenges that individuals face in the workplace.

Throughout this workshop, participants practice techniques on videotape, critique themselves, and receive coaching on how to enhance their effectiveness in getting things done while building positive working relationships with others.


  • Increase influence by reducing aggressive/abusive interactions
  • Remain calm when dealing with conflict and difficult situations to set the stage for growth versus residual hostility
  • Exercise personal power to positively impact co-workers and the organization
  • Work more effectively with others through honest and open communication
  • Participate proactively in meetings
  • Understand others' underlying concerns and creatively problem solve to achieve alignment and commitment
  • Value one's own needs and the needs and differences in others


  • Assertion
  • Listening to Understand
  • Internal Obstacles to Effective Management
  • Building Esteem and Confidence
  • 'How To's' of Assertive Management
  • Initiating and Maintaining Change

Who should attend

Senior managers, project managers, business analysts, and technical professionals wanting to improve their personal influence and effectiveness.

Available at your location

Contact us now to set up this customized course to be delivered at your location. Our subject matter experts will work with your company to customize a course or program to meet your specific needs.


Joseph Fields