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Leadership: The People Challenge

Leaders create a common purpose and vision and then help people convert this vision into a reality that adds value for customers.

This leadership development course provides the tools and models leaders need to accurately assess themselves, their colleagues, and the situation that arise in the workplace.


  • Enhance leader trust and credibility
  • Utilize the skills, talents, and energies of each individual on the team and align them with customers' needs and values
  • Provide positive team direction
  • Assess personal leadership styles and skills
  • Manage the culture—the beliefs and values of the organization to promote growth
  • Create a vision for each leader and help the leader to instill that vision/direction into his/her team


  • Leadership: A Dynamic Developmental Relationship
  • Effective Leadership
  • Assessing your organization's mission, core competencies, and vision
  • Identifying how your organizational culture builds trust
  • Determining your customers' needs and values
  • Aligning and Engaging Competence and Commitment to Meet Customer Needs
  • Assessing Your Leadership Style and Challenges

Who should attend

Senior managers, project managers, and technical professionals wanting to improve their personal influence and effectiveness.

Available at your location

Contact us now to set up this customized course to be delivered at your location. Our subject matter experts will work with your company to customize a course or program to meet your specific needs.


Joseph Fields; Rick Hefner