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Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

In the Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals workshop, participants learn techniques to improve spoken business messages and even make the process a little easier. Participants learn how to generate more memorable, dynamic talks by motivating and persuading the audience. Extensive practice exercises are emphasized.

Participants are typically videotaped for self-analysis, with instructor feedback. Developing an action/improvement plan follows.


Participants will learn to:

  • Overcome typical fears
  • Control voice and image projection
  • Use visual aids
  • Define message content
  • Develop a presentation planning form
  • Structure the delivery
  • Establish eye and ear appeal
  • Draw listeners in
  • Eliminate emotional "deaf spots"
  • Energize their presentations


Critical Communication Skills

  • The oral message - your "final product"
  • Overcoming typical fears
  • Defining the appropriate communication
  • Targeting your audience

Objectives and Strategy

  • Idea significance (fact vs. opinion)
  • Script practice
  • Vocal intonation and inflection
  • Using visual aids
  • Energy, vitality, gestures
  • Personal appearance

Preparation Process

  • Research ('frontloading')
  • The mechanics and psychology of spoken messages
  • Defining the tone
  • Rehearsal
  • Dynamics of storytelling

How to Establish Eye and Ear Appeal

  • Maintaining interest
  • Pacing--why, when, where to be specific
  • Retaining humanity and warmth
  • Interest inhibitors
  • Drawing the listeners in
  • Movement and posture


  • Individual videotaping sessions


  • Self-critique
  • Measuring results (response checklist)
  • Barriers to two-way communication
  • Emotional deaf spots
  • Doing it better next time
  • Videotape analysis

Who should attend

Executives, project managers, project leads, team leaders, proposal managers, engineers, sales personnel, and anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills.


Tom Stapleton