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Distribution Management Certificate

All manufactured products must eventually be distributed to customers in order to complete the cash-to-cash cycle. Effective distribution management is the final activity that allows the revenue to be realized.


This five-course, seven-day certificate program provides distribution professionals with the necessary vocabulary and knowledge to compete in today’s complex and evolving global distribution environment. Participants gain new insights and skills through lectures and a series of threaded exercises done in both individual and group sessions. Participants must complete the following courses.


Distribution Systems and Process Design

This two-day course addresses major considerations in design of product distribution systems, including physical distribution center design issues, distribution network issues, inventory transaction management and overall costs of product distribution.

Distribution Network Considerations

Manufacturing companies often develop multiple distribution centers in order to enhance customer service and reduce total transportation costs. As distributed product volumes grow, so do distribution centers… and total operating costs. This one-day course addresses distribution center network considerations, including market driven and cost driven constraints.

Transportation and Logistics Management

This two-day course addresses issues around the management of total transportation costs, including both inbound and outbound routes. As a percent of total delivered costs, transportation costs are increasing faster than most every other cost element. This program addresses the basics of transportation management as well as how to reduce total transportation costs.

Distribution Regulatory Issues

Like a manufacturing plant, a distribution center does not exist within a bubble. It also exists inside a community of neighbors, government and the natural environment. To sustain operations, and long-term profitable contributions, all distribution centers need to be recognized as solid citizens in the communities where they operate.

This one-day course presents an overview of regulatory requirements and various stakeholder considerations for distribution management to address.

Distribution Management Team Project Reviews

During this one-day final course the participants work in groups to solve a particularly difficult distribution problem. The problem will be jointly selected by management and the instructor early in the Distribution Management Certificate Program. The selected problem will be relevant to the company and to the participants. Participants will work in teams over a period of weeks to solve the assigned problem. Solutions will be submitted to the instructor in advance of the Distribution Project Reviews course. Teams will prepare a Distribution Solution Briefing that will be presented to the class.

Who should attend

Managers and executives in purchasing, sourcing, planning, inventory, operations, logistics and distribution.

Available at your location

Contact us now to set up this customized program or individual course(s) to be delivered at your location. Our subject matter experts will work with your company to customize a course or program to meet your specific needs.


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