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Manufacturing Management Certificate

Manufacturing is responsible for the physical conversion of raw material into work-in-process and then into finished goods for sale. Manufacturing encompasses all inventory conversion activities.


This eight-course, eleven-day certificate program provides manufacturing industry professionals with the necessary vocabulary and knowledge to compete in today’s complex, challenging and rapidly changing global economy. Participants gain new insights and skills through lectures and a series of threaded exercises performed in both individual and group sessions. Participants must complete the following courses.


Manufacturing Management Overview Course

This one-day course provides a comprehensive overview of all components of manufacturing (production) management. The course provides a survey of the body of knowledge for manufacturing management and focuses on the critical issues that all manufacturing professionals should be prepared to address.

Available Conversion Technologies

This one-day course presents an overview of alternative manufacturing technologies and methods for converting raw materials into semi-finished and finished goods. The course is designed to help participants see beyond their current manufacturing technology to other technologies that may be adapted to their environments. Participants will gain a broad understanding of the types of technical manufacturing methods which are most appropriate for specific product designs.

Critical Manufacturing Processes and Organization Structure

This one-day course presents an overview of critical manufacturing functional processes and organizational structures. Participants will gain a clear understanding of how a manufacturing organization works and the key considerations for manufacturing products better, faster and less expensively.

Manufacturing Quality Management Processes

This two-day course presents a framework and numerous techniques for managing production process and output quality. Participants will learn how quality can be enhanced on the factory floor and how mistakes can be reduced. They will develop an understanding and appreciation of methods necessary to manage quality throughout the production cycle.

Equipment and Facilities Maintenance

This one-day course describes how equipment and facilities maintenance can be better managed. With a focus on preventative methods, the course also presents processes that can be implemented to better connect production schedules with maintenance schedules. The course focuses on the need, and the implementation issues associated with a formal preventative maintenance system.

Manufacturing LEAN Process Design and Execution

This three-day course presents an overview of LEAN manufacturing techniques that are applicable in all manufacturing environments. LEAN thinking has transformed the way many organizations building their critical processes using a systems engineering approach that eliminated waste by creating manufacturing flows determined by customer requirements. The course explores the concepts of value, flow, demand pull and perfection in multi-stage processes. Participants will understand how the LEAN manufacturing techniques can be used to improve cost, schedule and product performance. Specific LEAN analysis techniques will be explained and applied in both individual and group exercises.

Manufacturing Regulatory Compliance and Stakeholder Considerations

This one-day course presents an overview of regulatory requirements and various stakeholder considerations for manufacturing management to address.

Manufacturing Management Team Project Reviews

During this one-day final course the participants work in groups to solve a particularly difficult manufacturing problem. The problem will be jointly selected by management and the instructor early in the Manufacturing Management Certificate Program. The selected problem will be relevant to the company and to the participants. Participants will work in teams over a period of weeks to solve the assigned problem. Solutions will be submitted to the instructor in advance of the Manufacturing Project Reviews course. Teams will prepare a Manufacturing Solution Briefing that will be presented to the class.

Who should attend

Managers and executives in purchasing, sourcing, planning, inventory, operations, logistics and distribution.

Available at your location

Contact us now to set up this customized program or individual course(s) to be delivered at your location. Our subject matter experts will work with your company to customize a course or program to meet your specific needs.


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