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Airworthiness Fundamentals Certificate Program

Airworthiness is the property of an air vehicle/aircraft system configuration to safely attain, sustain, and terminate flight in accordance with the approved usage limits. Initial airworthiness certification verifies that the design and production of specific air vehicle system conforms to its described flight envelope. Continuing airworthiness ensures that, at any time in its operating life, the aircraft complies with the airworthiness requirements in force and is a condition for safe operation.

MIL-HDBK-516 establishes the airworthiness certification criteria to be used in the determination of airworthiness of all military manned and unmanned, fixed and rotary wing air vehicle systems. Similar standards exist for commercial systems. The concepts in these standards must be understood by managers and engineers in defining and ensuring their air system's airworthiness certification basis.


Upon completion, participants will:

  • Understand the entry points for determining which airworthiness processes and standards apply to specific aviation product(s) of interest
  • Recognize which airworthiness authorities administrative civil and public aircraft
  • Recognize common terminology and acronyms used in airworthiness processes and standards
  • Become familiar with and understand the role of the systems engineering processes required to manage airworthiness
  • Understand how to locate airworthiness resources
  • Become familiar with airworthiness certification criteria, standards and methods of compliance
  • Understand the role sustainment plays in continuing airworthiness
  • Understand the role quality assurance plays in product airworthiness

Through lectures, case studies and interactive exercises, our instructors guide participants in understanding and applying the key airworthiness concepts. Our instructors use their extensive industry experience to help participants understand and apply essential industry processes and tools.


  • Introduction to Airworthiness
  • Airworthiness Policies, Systems Engineering and Air Vehicle Criteria
  • Flight Technologies, Propulsion, and Air Vehicle Subsystems Criteria
  • Crew Systems, Passenger Safety and Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • System Safety, Computer Systems and Mission Equipment Criteria
  • Sustainment and Continuing Airworthiness Processes

Who should attend

This certificate program is intended for engineers, managers, and technicians involved in aircraft design, development, and production, as well as aircraft operations and maintenance personnel.


Allan Middleton; Clark Smith