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Cost Engineering Certificate Program

Bring the Cost Engineering Certificate program to your company to develop the insights and skills professionals need to estimate costs accurately. Cost estimating methods, challenges, business case analysis and evaluation, and project management issues will be addressed. This program will help those preparing for the Certified Accounting Professional (CAP) certification.


The program consists of highly participative sessions. It is presented in a framework that integrates lectures, discussions, individual and group exercises, and case studies. Participants are encouraged to bring their real cost estimation, business case analysis, and project management issues to the class for analysis and discussion. Participants will have hands-on practice with these techniques in both individual and team exercises.


Cost Estimating

  • Eight Cost Estimating Methods
  • Cost Estimating Problem Areas
  • Types of Cost Estimates
  • Case Studies: Cost Estimation from a Broad Cross Section of the Private and Public Sectors
  • Managing the Cost and Schedule Estimation Process

Business Case Analysis/Evaluations

  • Transition from Cost Estimation to Business Case Evaluations
  • Time Value of Money and Interest Rate Factors (Engineering Economics)
  • Methods for Comparing and Evaluating Alternatives
  • Tax and Depreciation Considerations in Business Case Analysis
  • Inflation and Cost Indexes
  • Managing Investment Evaluations
  • Case Studies: Business Case Evaluations from a Broad Cross Section of the Private and Public Sectors

Intersections between Cost Estimation, Business Case Analysis, and Project Management

  • Cost Estimation and Project Management
  • Business Case Analysis and Project Management
  • Special Topics
  • Emerging Factors in Cost Estimation, Business Case Evaluation, and Project Management

Who should attend

Any department or organization looking to improve cost engineering and/or professionals preparing to take the exams required for CAP Certification. 

Available at your location

Contact us now to set up this customized program or individual course(s) to be delivered at your location.  Our subject matter experts will work with your company to customize a course or program to meet your specific needs.


Don Remer, PhD