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Systems Engineering

Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education's systems engineering programs provide the advanced tools and methods needed for developing complex, technology-driven products. The programs focus on practical applications of proven methods for translating customer requirements and operational needs into effective solutions that meet cost, schedule, and performance goals.

Caltech instructors are subject matter experts chosen for their extensive systems engineering experience in technology-based industry and government agencies. They provide practical examples and lessons learned to create an exceptional learning environment for technical professionals. Case studies and in-class exercises reinforce key concepts and enable participants to apply the material to challenges in their current environment.


Participants will learn to:

  • Work effectively with customers to translate user needs into well-stated requirements
  • Identify and prioritize architecture characteristics to meet stakeholder requirements
  • Produce robust designs of complex products
  • Define and execute cost-effective verification and validation programs
  • Identify, prioritize, and mitigate technical, cost, and schedule risks
  • Prepare for CSEP certification

Choose from a variety of systems engineering short courses and certificate programs, including the popular Systems Engineering Fundamentals Certificate Program. All programs can be customized to address your specific business challenges.